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Pulau Seribu


One of the highlight of Jakarta travel is joining the sightseeing called Jakarta Cosmopolitan city tour. This tour highlight the most interesting places of Jakarta city as the historic and capital city of Indonesia with the residents originating from various ethnic group of Indonesia and abroad.


Jakarta Cosmopolitan 8 hour Tour is an execursion visiting the most interesting places in Jakarta metropolitan city including refreshment and lunch. National Museum, established in 1778 by Dutch Batavia Association of Arts and Science, this cultural center offers excellent display of history, archeology and religion, exhibiting also important collections from international sites. National Monument, called MONAS was built during first Indonesia President era. Standing at 137 meters in height, it is capped with 50 kgs flame of gold. Art Shops, to see and find typical souvenir from different places of Indonesia such as Batik, Silver crafts, Wood Carving, Indonesia Gemstone and painting are at the art shop. Beatutiful Indonesia in Miniature park, the 100 hectares cultural center show the entire archipelago in miniature, an aviary, an orchid garden, cable cars, craft shop from all provinces in Indonesia. It is true a reflection of the national motto Bhineka Tunggal Ika or Unity in Diversity. Imax Theatre Keong Mas, Museum Indonesia, Traditional housese and bird park. Note: Museums are closed on Monday and Imax Theatre is closed without prior notice when it is closed will be replaced by cable car as an alternative

Participant Number 1 Person 2 Persons 3 - 4 Persons
Rate per person US$ 125.00 US$ 70.00 US$ 59.00

Rate valid until 31 October 2012 Tour includes air-conditioned mini van, tour guide speaks English, and all admission and donation fees at the places of visit are included.

Infortant Information:
Tour duration 8 hours
Taman Mini Indnesia Indah is closed on Monday

Phone 62 -361 - 463 448 Fax 0361 - 463 447
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Jakarta's Climate
The area of Jakarta city is the closest part of Java to the equator line. For years has recorded the average daily temperature has been 32oCelcius with high moisture level around 80%. An increase of temperature was recorded in 2005 at 33oCelcius, and in 2006 a great increase is recorded at 37oCelcius. It is very hard indeed to stay open without any shadow for a time, especially among the concrete areas, or on the beach. The heavily hardened paths, open spaces, and roads might contribut the increase of heat beside the phenomena of global heating. Read more

Customs Guideline
Customs allows on entry a maximum of one litre of alcoholic beverage, 200 ciggarettes, 50 cigars, or 100 gram tobacco and a reasonable perfume per adult. Cameras, video cameras, portable radios, cassette recorders, binoculars and sport equipment are admitted, provided they are taken out on departure, and must be cleared for customs. Prohibited itmes are arms, narcotic, drugs, pornography, tranceivers, and cordless telephone, films, pre-recorded tape and lasers, and laser disk must be screened by the Censor Board. More

Geography of Jakarta
Total area of Jakarta Special Province is 650 square kms with the position from 106o22'42'' to 106o58'18'' East and from -5o19;12'' to -5o25'54'' South. The position of the land from the sea level is from 0 meter at Tanjung Priok Sea Port area to 50 meters above sea level, especially high place at south Jakarta. The more south the more higher the land altitude. The area of Jakarta city is located on the north west of west Java province on the bay protected on the east by the cape of Karawang and on the west by the area of east Teluk Naga which protrudes deep to the sea More

Daily Language
Jakarta city as the capital of Indonesia has mixed up ethnic groups, even foreign people working with companies, diplomatic mission staffs and traders. Thaks God that Indonesia has national language called Bahasa Indonesia which is the daily communication of the people of Jakarta. The history of Jakarta has formed the social condition of a society reflecting national variety wih various influences of foreign elemetns. It was thought that the original resident of Jakarta as the Betawi people, but historical researches show different traces. Toward the middle of 20th century new identity of Betawi was introduced as the majority of the people in Jakarta. More

Jakarta Transportation
The transportation problem of Jakarta is traffic jump which has long been a nightmare for the resident and people who has important assignment to the capital city. The worriedness of the great problem has born a theory hat in 2014 Jakarta's traffic will collaps, due to the growth of car is faster and that the capacity of the road. It is like frightening myth but logically sure it could happened. Under Mr. Sutiyoso, kown as Bang Yos, a revolutionary idea has been done to free the people from the myth. With his talented staff Mr. Rustam Effendi the governor Sutiyoso developped " Macro Transportation Scheme ( JMaTS ). More

Traditional Market
Traditional market is still exist from the smallest group of settelements deep in the villages up the big cities or even metropolitan city like Jakarta. the existance of traditional market in Indonesia showing the same pattern and characters throughout the island regardless of the ethnic group it is referred by anthropologist. The pattern of transaction is based on certain day which is called pasaran day or the day of market. Normally every ethnic introduces this type of days which is consist of 3 modular days for all the year. More