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Private and Group arrangment
in Jakarta city and surrounding

Assisting travelers with more reliable trip from any hotels or places within Jakarta city.

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A full day tour to Bogor, Puncak Pass Tea Plantation and capital city of West Java, Bandung.

Bogor Botanical Garden. Bogor can be said as the suburb of Jakarta city located 60 kms south of Jakarta. The city has a very nice weather with very famous Botanical Garden called Bogor Botanical Garden. The park has more than 10.000 species from world wide. Bogor has beautiful panorama such as Bogor Botanical Garden, the park has become very popular sightseeing place for people from Jakarta and Bandung, or even foreign tourists. The area between Bogor and the Puncak Pass is believed to be the water reservoir of Jakarta city with it's forever green. Today dozen of villas are scattered around the area up to the Puncak which is become the most sought week-end overnight hide away.
Puncak Pass is well known from Dutch era of 19th century as the place for tea estate with magnificent green plateau views. Today the tea plantation is still managed well by the company belong to the state called Perkebunan Enterprise. Here you will see the pick-up of young tea leaves, processing, and and even taste the original tea produced locally.
Bandung the capital city of West Java province visit the factory outlet where one can see bulk number of local products made by semi-machine hand or fully machine, one of the most famous is the Cihamplelas Jean market and to Toko Tiga. Bandung is well known for it's textile industry. This tour is more than 10 hours with the distance around 110 kms and average driving time of 12.5 hours during normal traffic stream from Jakarta to Bandung without stop. Late evening back again in Jakarta.

Tour can be started from any hotel in the city of Jakarta, exept from Tanggerang, the western part of Jakarta city which is too far to reach Bandung in a comfortable time. The tour started at 08.00 in the morning, and will arrive in Bandung after visiting some interesting places on the way around 14.00 hours, a good time to have lunch. It is expected that the tour is to arrive back in Jakarta city in the late evening. Bogor also has many beautiful golf courses and cheap to play golf during working days, yet triple the price during week end and national or international holidays. It is a very good combination if playing golf in Bogor be combined with recreation especially with small group.

Participant Number 1 Person 2 Persons 3 - 6 Persons
Rate per person US$ 165.00 US$ 95.00 US$ 89.00
Rate valid until 31 October 2012. Tour includes air-conditioned mini van, tour guide speaks English, and All admission and donation fees at the places of visit are included.

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Jakarta as the capital city of Indonesia, it is not only as the center of government administration, and the office of International diplomatic missions, yet Jakarta has it's own history, very long time ago, since as far as 5th century. It's long time track on history left interesting places as historic value of the era. Sunda Kelapa port at the mouth of Ciliwung river is the first clue or the most possible root of the current metropolitan city of Jakarta. The activity and type of their trade using traditional boat called pinisi would not change for the whole history, only land and navigation system of the boat might have been influenced by Western technology. China town with it's old temple at Golodok is one of the picture of overseas Chinese society like at many other countries in the world they have typical blend with local living tradition. Dutch heritage can still be seen at the center of Jakarta such as around Monument National, the first area opened by the Dutch for their center of administration of Verenidge Oost Indische Compagnie. Indonesia Museum is the most completed ethnographic museum in Indonesia exhibiting from prehistory up to the highlights of classical cultures of Indonesia. Taman Mini Indonesia Indah or Beautiful Indonesia in Miniature is the representation of Indonesia main ethnic cultures which was established during that time for 27 provinces. Here one can get Indonesian culinary, arts, crafts, clothing, dances and other aspects of unique life of ethnic being presented. Travel in a sky-train visit large aviary are of the exciting activities for Taman Mini tour. Like other recreations in Jakarta it is always crowded during Sundays and ease beyond this day and public holidays. At north Jakarta a great project constructed during president Soekarno, known s Taman Impian Jaya Ancol which is called as the spectacular recreation of Jakarta and is often called as Jakarta Disney land. Taman Impian Jaya Ancol is a multi hectares complex with amusement park. The park features oceanarium with daily dolphin and sea lion shows, hotels, restaurants, disco, and cultural shows. A 18-holes golf course, a race track, beach for surfers, water scooters and other sea recreations. Just on the side of the park is the marina of boat for departing to the Pulau Seribu or Thousand Island resorts. Pulau Seribu resort is known as the high class resort for Jakarta's residents. Pasar Seni or Art Market, and Taman Impian Artist Center provides inspiring artist works which place is often used as stage of modern and traditional shows in the evening. The Taman Ismail Marzuki or TIM a complex for artists which covers a planetarium, performance theatre, outdoor snack bars, and some galleries exhibiting various creations from handicraft to fine arts. The TIM is one of the most sought place in Jakarta both by artists and tourists. The Gedung Kesenian Jakarta or Jakarta Art Building is Jakarta's premier concert Hall, a museum of commercial artifacts, antiques, old textiles, and hundreds of fascinating pieces, priced and labeled. Some of the artifact came from many areas of Indonesia such as Kalimantan, West Papua, and East Nusa Tenggara. The Old Pasar Ikan ( Fish Market ) at North Jakarta, the Bahari Museum complex built in 17th century as a warehouse have been renovated and add the directory of Jakarta's interesting places. The renovation keeps the original architecture as the value of history for younger generation.

Long history of Jakarta city in the development of Indonesia before the independency has given a great variety of historical places, recreations, museums or cultural interests, shoppings and even business traveling. As it is often mentioned that Jakarta is the city of contrast, also can be found that traveling in Jakarta is a fact of contrast. If one knows well about the places and traffic in Jakarta traveling can be cheap, but if does not traveling cheap can be a big problem. That's why many tour operators are exist in Jakart to assist one for traveling with not expensive, yet higher then the cheap traveling known so far. Although Jakarta is modern and big city, but the level of welfare of their people are far from expectation and this matter has been a big homework for the goverment of Jakarta municipal city. This problem is actually rise from uncontrolable of bith rate in Java island especially those with Moslem society in central, east Java, and Serang, now the Province of Banten. We are really hope that the people in Java will soon understand that a planning for the life of their children and society be a focus of every leaders, because the capacity of Java island might not be enough for 20 year ahead. and other areas will also having great density of people as the place of transmigration. If this matter is not controlled it will deteroriate the culture and development of the island, as a logical effect that will put intu extinction of cultural heritages now become the wonder of the world