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A full day tour to Bogor, Puncak Pass Tea Plantation and capital city of West Java, Bandung.

Bogor Botanical Garden. Bogor can be said as the suburb of Jakarta city located 60 kms south of Jakarta. The city has a very nice weather with very famous Botanical Garden called Bogor Botanical Garden. The park has more than 10.000 species from world wide. Bogor has beautiful panorama such as Bogor Botanical Garden, the park has become very popular sightseeing place for people from Jakarta and Bandung, or even foreign tourists. The area between Bogor and the Puncak Pass is believed to be the water reservoir of Jakarta city with it's forever green. Today dozen of villas are scattered around the area up to the Puncak which is become the most sought week-end overnight hide away.
Puncak Pass is well known from Dutch era of 19th century as the place for tea estate with magnificent green plateau views. Today the tea plantation is still managed well by the company belong to the state called Perkebunan Enterprise. Here you will see the pick-up of young tea leaves, processing, and and even taste the original tea produced locally.
Bandung the capital city of West Java province visit the factory outlet where one can see bulk number of local products made by semi-machine hand or fully machine, one of the most famous is the Cihamplelas Jean market and to Toko Tiga. Bandung is well known for it's textile industry. This tour is more than 10 hours with the distance around 110 kms and average driving time of 12.5 hours during normal traffic stream from Jakarta to Bandung without stop. Late evening back again in Jakarta.

Tour can be started from any hotel in the city of Jakarta, exept from Tanggerang, the western part of Jakarta city which is too far to reach Bandung in a comfortable time. The tour started at 08.00 in the morning, and will arrive in Bandung after visiting some interesting places on the way around 14.00 hours, a good time to have lunch. It is expected that the tour is to arrive back in Jakarta city in the late evening. Bogor also has many beautiful golf courses and cheap to play golf during working days, yet triple the price during week end and national or international holidays. It is a very good combination if playing golf in Bogor be combined with recreation especially with small group.

Participant Number 1 Person 2 Persons 3 - 6 Persons
Rate per person US$ 165.00 US$ 95.00 US$ 89.00
Rate valid until 31 October 2012. Tour includes air-conditioned mini van, tour guide speaks English, and All admission and donation fees at the places of visit are included.

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During the year 1600 overseas trade and colonization of Dutch in far east confronted with the sharp competition especially on the spice trade. British established trade association in 1600 known as East India Company or EIC to avoid the continuing competition among merchants. This was followed by the Dutch, establishing trade association in Jayakarta or now known as Jakarta. The name of this association is V.O.C. stands for Verenigde Oost Indische Compagnie which was built in 1602, 2 years after EIC. At the beginning VOC would have been installed in Johor, Malaysia, but the location was too close with the base of Portuguese in Malacca, and was choosed Banten town. The Sultan of Banten Mangkubumi Arya Pananggala refused using Banten as the base of VOC and asked to use Jayakarta or Jakarta. At that time Jakarta was under control of Banten sultanate.

In 1611 Governor General Pieter Zoon's negotiation with sultanate of Banten to build a fort ( like castle ) was refused, as the sultan already knew that the fort will be a base of military development and also as resistance. As a result the VOC built office and go down for their trade activities in Jakarta and Banten. With fast development of Jakarta, the sultan of Banten worried, and sent emissary to the sultan of Jakarta to remind the prince of the possible drive out of his power due to the luxury given by the traders of the Dutch. The prince of Jayakarta in contrary responded this reminder with resentful attitude blaming that Banten would have been jealous of their wealth. The attitude of Prince Jayakarta had made the relation between Banten and Jakarta growing more tension. Banten considered that Jakarta is their vassal, so every act made between them and the foreign mission or trade must be with the consent of Banten. The situation of the realtion between Banten and Jakarta gave great advantage to the trade association of VOC, as this situation will put the position of VOC as the mediator between the tow sultanate and can be arising tricky diplomacy, and this appeared to be a fact.

In 1618 a foreign ship with France flag entered the water of Banten, as according to the agreement between Banten and VOC, there will be no other foreign ship can entered Banten except the Dutch, a monopoly of spice trade with Banten. Since VOC had no right to detain foreign ship in Banten, the Governor General of VOC in Jakarta asked the sultan to capture the ship and it's crews which were mostly Dutch people and asked to send the ship and it's crews to Jakarta. Indeed this is not according to the tradition. But the governor general used his personal power to force the sultan and brought the ship to Jakarta. This case even more drove up the tension between Banten and Jakarta. The new governor general of VOC Jan Pieterz Zoon Coen then blocked the trade of Banten and causing the prices were fall down to the bottom.

Jakarta had enjoyed the honey of the trade relation between VOC and the sultanate from clerk, heads up to the palace which causes the royal administrator forgot to buil their country and had been trapped into a golden royal without hand. This situation had made the strength of VOC step by step overrode the sultanate land and people. VOC gained growing bargaining position in all aspect of life. This had made local kingdoms, have been so weak and could not save themselves from any plan that was done by VOC.

On 30 December 1618 a total of 11 British ships attacked VOC fort in Jakarta, and at the same time 4000 soldiers from Banten headed on to Jakarta. The Dutch was defeated and their soldiers were kept in the forts, while the governor general Pieter Z Coen fled to Ambon looking for assistant. The wealth of VOC confiscated by Banten and British, but one conflicting opinion is how to finish the problem of Dutch forts. The British wanted all forts be kept standing ,and sultanate of Banten wanted all forts be destroyed. This conflicting opinion lead both into open war, and the British was defeated and run to their base in India. Yet the long war with British made the concentration of Banten toward the VOC in Jakarta become much more less, although the prince and their dignitaries had been exiled to a far place. At last the Dutch could take again all their forts and rename their port as "Batavia" This was happened in 1619 - the start of the colonization.