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Lapangan Banteng is located at the North East of Monas or Monument Nasional which is only separated by Mesjid Istiqlal, bordered by Jalan Post at the north, and Jalan Gedung Kesenian at the east and Jalan Lapangan Banteng Selatan on the south, and Borobudur Intercontinental Hotel. Lapangan Merdeka or Merdeka Square which is located between Monas and Lapangan Banteng was built by the Dutch in 19th century with the name Weltervreden still preserves the best colonial architecture. At the corner of Lapangan Banteng near lapangan Merdeka is a cathedral of Catholic which was built in 1901 as a change of earlier cathedral. The cathedral is facing the biggest mosque in Asia the Istiqlal Mosque which was built during the era of Indonesia first president, Soekarno. This mosque is the symbol of religious enthusiasm in the modern time when most of the advance countries already shifted into human ethic philosophy or at least there is no construction such a magnificent building for religious purposes anymore.

Lapangan Banteng Map

The Banteng Square

To the east of Lapangan Banteng are the building of Mahkamah Agung, the Supreme Court and the Ministry of Finance which architecture are of Dutch colonial, and is said that this complex was built by governor Daendles in 1809s as the center of Dutch colonial government. During the era of this governor was the biggest project of 1000 kms road over Java was constructed under voluntarily work from Anyer, West Java to Penarukan village in East Java. The project was really very important means to increase the traffic of people ad goods between places in Java island, and this has also the main facility to create the increase of Indonesian awareness.

Surrounding of Banteng Square

At the south of Lapangan Banteng is Pejambon street where the Gedung Pancasila is found a neoclassic architecture build in 1830 as the residence of Dutch army commander. This building was later used as the meeting hall by the people representative called volkstraad. This building is also the historic place of the process of the birth of Pancasila, the basic foundation of Indonesian constitution philosophy. Soekarno delivered the famous speech on Pancasila in July 1945 in this building and henceforth the name of the building as Gedung Pancasila. Further west from Gedung Pancasila is the Emmanuel Church which was built in 1893 with the style of classic architecture.

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The existance of Jakarta city has parallel with the existence of current provice of Banten and West Java in general as the capital city of West Java province which is also known as the Pasundan land. Both Banten Port city and Jakarta city are located on the north shore of West Java read more

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