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Jalan Thamrin is the main traffic outlet started from Gambir train station runs on the west border of Monas or National Monument with the name of Jalan Thamrin or Thamrin Street, a name taken from the important area just across Istana Bogor. The mentioned Gambir is not refer to Gambir station which is further south east from the area. Jalan Merdeka Barat until the round of Arjuna statue, and from Arjuna statue until welcome statue is named Jalan Thamrin. The name Thamrin is taken from Mr. Prof. Husni Thamrin, one of the prominent leader among the people of Jakarta who raised the awareness of Betawi people group who claims that they are the owner of the land of Jakarta. See about Betawi on top left corner of this page under Important Information there is a link " The People ". Three roads leading from central Jakarta runs parallel are Jalan Thamrin, Jalan Cokroamnoto and Jalan Teuku Umar.

Jalan Thamrin is known for its exclusive offices sky crappers and exclusive shopping centers. Sarinah Department store is one of the land mark of the area, expensive prices and exclusive restaurant. Here can be found American food such as Mc Donald and Hard Rock Cafe, American Chilis Bar & Grill. Green Pub, located at the opposite of Sarinah Department store offers Mexican food and grill. In the evening they have local band presented in Mexican cowboy. The Jaya Pub located at the back of Jaya Building offers classical music place, good food and grill. Near welcome statue is found the most exclusive Plaza Indonesia shopping center, where one can find food court with Singapore style, and well range of international food varieties.

Jalan Thamrin has the most expensive hotel such as Sari Pan Pacific, Grand Hyatt Hotel, and Mandarin Oriental Hotel. There is no budget hotel in the area, but closer to the area further east at Menteng or at the northern area to the east the Jalan Jaksa. But hotels in Jalan Jaksa is not recommended. Along jalan Wahid Hasyim which crosses jalan Thamrin there are good budget hotels the Ibis Tamarin and Cipta Hotel, and Ibis Arcadia hotel. At jalan Haji Agus Salim which runs parallel with Jalan Thamrin on the east and crosses jalan Wahid Hasyim is one good budget hotel, including Paragon Hotel, and Formule1 Hotel.

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National Museum One of the biggest and most complete exhibition of human history from prehistory up to the classical period. This museum is the most frequented place by students and reserachers. Indonesia presents rich human historical facts which can be used to reconstruct the culture of south east asia and even further to the influence giving countries such as China, India and Arabia.
National Monument is a tower more then 100 meters in the center of Jakarta city as the mark of Indonesian independence and the appointment of Jakarta as the capital city of Indonesia. One can ascend up the tower and watch the city's beautiful panorama.
The Pekan Raya Jakarta known as Jakarta Fair or Jakarta International Expo is one of the biggest fair ground in South East Asia built to boost the business life of Indonesia and regionally the countries of south east Asia. The organization of exhibition is held regularly for various line of products from traditional to modern hi-tec products that can be produced at the decades. The location of the Jakarta International Expo as the regular place of Jakarta Fair orPekan Raya Jakarta is at South Jakarta near
Taman Mini Indonesia Indah or in English is Beautiful Indonesia in Miniature, located on south east of Jakarta. This park is one of the mark of the city offering selected arts from all over Indonesian regions from architecture, dances, and musics and culinary. Some of them offer daily cultural attractions to the visitors during certain hours. Special modern recreations are also available and is very cheering for the chldren.
Tanjung Priok Sea Port Tanjung Priok is one of the biggest seaport in Indonesia belong to Jakarta Spceial Province. Among the biggest sea port of Indonesia developped since 17th century are Tanjung Perak - Surabaya, Belawan - North Sumatra, and Soekarno - Hatta Sea port in Makassar, south Sulawesi. The traffic of goods from various areas of Indonesia are concentrated at those 3 ports to be forwarded to outside Indonesia, and as on entry.
Jakarta Convention Center Jakarta Convention Center is one of Jakartas land mark on conference, exhibition and meeting business with international standard. Located at Jalan Gatot Subroto in the center of Jakarta city, quipped with the latest audio visual for the full function of business promotion and transaction. Some short information on Jakarta Convention Center are available, see list of interesting places