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Ancol is one of the biggest recreation park in South East Asia, located on the beach of Jakarta Bay facing Java Sea. The park was built in 1962 during the era of Indonesian first president Soekarno to provide the residence of Jakarta city a place to fill their week end and holidays. The park is just on the west side of the giant sea port of Tanjung Priok which is now the main port of Indonesia with hundred of routes to west, central and east Indonesian ports, and from Tanjung Priok Port itself the outbound traffic are as big as other international port of Indonesia. The main interest of Ancol recreation park are plenty such as Fantassy world for children, the theatre of Keong Mas, Art Market, giant swimming pool, Sea Aquarium, and various entertainment or sport on the sea such as water scooter, paddling, boating, sliding, and others.

Within the area of Ancol there are the famous Marina for boat recreation and crossing the sea to the resort of Pulau Seribu. There are around 130 small island off the coast of north Jakarta with beautiful environment, the closest one is Ayer island. Some islands have been developed into a resort which was bustling resort between 1990 and 1997. Today only some of the resort are still operating such as Ayer Resort, Sepa Resort, Putri Resort, Pantara Resort and Koto Island Resort. While other resorts are alrady closed to the lack of tourist after Bali Bom explosion by terrorist.

Visit the site of Ancol Recreation park. As a recreational places of Jakarta and outside people Ancol has many international level accommodation such as Raddin Hotel, Mercure Convention Center which was before managed by Radisson, Grand Ancol Hotel, and Putri Duyung Hotel. It is a pity that lately Raddin Hotel and Grand Ancol have been closed for undefinite time, while Putri Duyung Hotel is too expensive for normal travelers. Yet a choice of approximating Ancol Recreation Park can be done from Mangga Dua Area where also available good middle category hotel such as Ibis Mangga Dua Hotel, Novotel Mangga Dua Hotel, and Le Grandeur Hotel ( previously : Dusit Mangga Dua Hotel ). A little bit furhter east one can still approximate Grand Ancol from Cempaka Putih and Kemayoran Area which are all located at North Jakarta or Jakarta Utara. At Mangga Dua there are many good hotels such as Ibis Mangga Dua Hotel, Novotel Mangga Dua Hotel, and Le Grandeur Hotel. From Cenmpaka Putih and Kemayoran Area one can choose to stay at Ibis Kemayoran, Grand Cempaka Hotel and Golden Boutique Hotel. All these hotels can be seen from the listing at left top side of this page

Hotels located in Ancol Area:
Mercure Convention Center

Hotels closest to Ancol area
Novotel Mangga Dua
Sanno Hotel
The Media Hotel
Ibis Mangga Dua Hotel
Le Grandeur Hotel
Sparks Hotel***

Hotels in other areas
Ancol Jakarta Utara
China town or Glodok
Gambir Station
Jakarta Convention Center
Jakarta International Expo
Kebayoran Baru
Kemang Area
Kuningan Area
Mangga Dua Area
Menteng Area
Tebet Area
Jalan Thamrin Area

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Sofyan Betawi Hotel
Sofyan Tebet Hotel
Traveller Hotel
Triniti Hotel
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Fantasy World is a perfect choice for children holiday, giving an impression of various countries that is presented in miniatures, which is also a famous week-end resort for the resident of Jakarta.
Old Jakarta city tour, visiting the historical places of Jakarta, such as the Sunda Kelapa, Chinese town, and museum of Jakarta city where can be seen a glance of the history of Jakarta
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The Pekan Raya Jakarta Pekan Raya Jakarta or known as Jakarta Fair or Jakarta International Expo is one of the biggest fair ground in South East Asia built to boost the business life of Indonesia and regionally the countries of south east Asia. The organization of exhibition is held regularly for various line of products from traditional to modern hi-tec products that can be produced at the decades. The location of the Jakarta International Expo as the regular place of Jakarta Fair orPekan Raya Jakarta is at South Jakarta near Kemayoran area.
Tanjung Priok Sea Port Tanjung Priok is one of the biggest seaport in Indonesia belong to Jakarta Spceial Province. Among the biggest sea port of Indonesia developped since 17th century are Tanjung Perak - Surabaya, Belawan - North Sumatra, and Soekarno - Hatta Sea port in Makassar, south Sulawesi. The traffic of goods from various areas of Indonesia are concentrated at those 3 ports to be forwarded to outside Indonesia, and as on entry ports of imported goods.
Jakarta Convention Center Jakarta Convention Center is one of Jakartas land mark on conference, exhibition and meeting business with international standard. Located at Jalan Gatot Subroto in the center of Jakarta city, quipped with the latest audio visual for the full function of business promotion and transaction. Some short information on Jakarta Convention Center are visit site